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Erhaltene Instrumente

  • im Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
  • in der Sammlung Kloster Michaelstein
  • im Finchcocks Museum
  • im Victoria and Albert Museum: "Collard & Collard were a well-established firm of musical instruments makers whose name is stamped on the sound-board, immediately below the upper lid, on this piano. In March 1881 they sent the action or workings of the piano to James Shoolbred and Co., furniture manufacturers, who made the case. H.W. Batley, a designer of furniture and interiors, was responsible for the design of the case and had supplied a very similar design for a furnished interior by Shoolbreds shown at the Paris International Exhibition in 1878. Both Batley and Shoolbreds specialised in Aesthetic furniture which incorporated motifs, patterns and details taken from Japanese designs. The use of naturalistic carving and bevelled panels, with the keyboard supported on turned columns, on this piano shows how exotic styles influenced the design of Victorian domestic furniture."
  • in der Cantos Music Collection, Calgary (Kanada)
  • Hammerflügel von "Collard & Collard", London 1853, in der Collezione Claudio Veneri, Fabriano (Italien)

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Quellen und Literatur

  • Harding, Rosamond E. M.: The Piano-Forte. Its History traced to the Great Exhibition of 1851. London: Heckscher 1933. Completely revised edition 1978. Reprinted 1989, S. 303.


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